5 iOS Apps To Help Seniors Follow A Fit & Healthy Lifestyle


The bad news is that with age, your bones, muscles, and health in general start getting the better of you. The good news is that technology can offer you a number of ways to beat your age and stay fit and healthy. You’ve worked hard all your life and now is the time to get the most out of your golden years, and bad health is the last obstacle you want to face. Listed below are 5 iOS apps that will help seniors maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.


WebMD iOS appWonder what is causing that nasty itch on your foot? Want to know the reason behind the hot flashes you’ve been getting lately? Wondering what that bump on your hand is all about? WebMD knows the answer. Especially if you are a senior citizen, WebMD is an indispensable tool for you. WebMD is a nifty app that provides you with 24/7 access to mobile-optimized health information. The app features a step-by-step symptom checker, as well as a comprehensive database full of drugs, vitamins, supplements, first aid information, and even local health listings. You can also point out the body part that is troubling you on an illustration of the human body. You can then put in your symptoms and learn about potential causes. Users can even participate in support group discussions with experts and other seniors on health topics.


Evernote ios appApart from all those regular fitness apps out there, one efficient app that you can rope in to track your fitness is the evergreen Evernote app. Evernote is a fantastic app that you can use to track just about any aspect of your fitness. Right from keeping a track on your weight, to the diet that you’re supposed to follow, to the kind of food you eat, to your daily workouts, and what not. Evernote can be your ultimate fitness tracking tool. Use to app to make handy notes or create a nifty notebook to keep a track of whatever you need. You can even go a step further and go as far as taking pictures of yourself and adding them to your notebook so that you can see your progress. What’s more, you can also create audio notes, tags, and to-do lists. So no more forgetting woes when it comes to taking your medication on time and following your fitness routine. Evernote can prove to be your ultimate fitness manager.


RunKeeper iOS appIs your age giving you a tough time to keep a track on your all your workout activities? Looking for a fun and easy way to track your fitness levels? If yes, Runkeeper is the app you are looking for. Runkeeper is a remarkable app that allows its users to effortlessly track a series of outdoor workout activities such as cycling, hiking, walking, and running. The app ingeniously uses the built-in GPS on your smart phone and updates you with detailed stats from your workout. Some of these stats include the amount of calories burnt, distance covered, time duration, heart rate, elevation, your pace, and so on. What’s more, the app constantly motivates you by notifying you on your progress, targets and goals achieved, personal bests, milestones reached, and more.


Fooducate ios appBeing a senior, it is extremely important to keep an eye on your diet and the kind of food you eat. After a certain age, more than physical fitness, the key lies in making healthy and nutritious choices as far as your food is concerned. Keeping this in mind, Fooducate is an extremely helpful app that assists you in developing healthy eating habits, by enlightening you about the food items that you pick up from your local grocery store. To get the job done, the app makes use of a nifty barcode scanner that scans the barcode of any food item that you pick up from the store and lets you have a glimpse at all the nutritional attributes of that item. The app features an algorithm developed by experts, that grades food on a health scale from A to F. Accordingly, you will know exactly how nutritious and healthy every food item that you pick up is. This way you can make healthier options while you’re out and about grocery shopping.


AllTrails app for iosDo you take off on long walks every now and then in order to stay fit? If you like walking, Alltrails is a brilliant app that is loaded with a host of cracking features. It helps you locate stunning trails around your location. It has a database that is packed with more than 40,000 trails along with guides and useful comments from other users. You can even use the app to add new trails using the GPS tracker, upload trail reviews, add images of your trail, and more. However, if you’re out on a stroll all by yourself, you might want to make sure you’re carrying your smart phone, and that you inform someone where you’re heading.

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