5 Mistakes to avoid for a Safer Internet Experience


The Internet is the hub of technology. As people and businesses are turning to the Internet, there is an endless scope of possibilities which are being uncovered on a daily basis. While connectivity and ease of access are two of the most important factors of being online, the threat of cyber security continues to be an ongoing issue.

But does this mean that one should refrain from using the Internet, just because it’s unsafe? Well, the obvious answer is no! Being virtually connected has become more of a necessity, rather than an option. For this very reason, it’s imperative to be well protected in cyberspace, so that no one can harm you or your identity in any way.

In order to stay safe, you should perform the following steps:

  • Don’t be lazy when choosing appropriate passwords: If you are accessing your bank details online, you have to ensure you are not being lazy while setting up your passwords. A password should always be strong, and should incorporate some digits, characters as well as special characters, so that no one can ever guess your account details, ever. Never use a common password, like a pet’s name, your date of birth, etc. The more uncommon and unrelated the password, the weaker the chances of your password getting hacked.
  • Install effective Antivirus programs in your system: In order to defend yourself from any security breaches, you should always make sure that you have a well-rounded, effective antivirus software installed in your system. Stay protected, stay risk-free, always!
  • Activate Internet Security on your antivirus: Many antivirus manufacturers often provide customized Internet protection packages in order to keep you Internet activity safe and sound virtually. For example, Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 can help you get rid of malware on your system, pinpoint unknown system threats as well as keep your system well-guarded from any kind of malicious software. When you are online, it’s imperative for you to be on your guard, so that nothing can ever take you by surprise.
  • Watch out for scam emails: Never share any kind of personal details with anyone, especially in the virtual arena. If you don’t trust a person, you should always avoid replying to spam mails, since such emails can be originating from unreliable sources. With technology raising the bar for hacking, there are high chances of your private information being leaked out to fraudulent users, in turn causing you heavy financial losses.
  • Monitor your online activity, regularly: If you have a heavy presence online, you should always keep monitoring your presence online. Keep a strict vigil on what you post on your social media accounts, what kind of transactions you make online as well as who you interact with. The more cautious you are, the better the chances you hold of not becoming a victim to cyber crimes.

These were the top 5 mistakes you should avoid for a safer Internet experience. The more cautious and vigilant you are, the more beneficial it would for you in the long run.

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