8 Ways to Use Twitter To Grow Your Business

Twitter Follow Increase

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms that can be used to grow your business, as many already have. It works for businesses big and small, and individuals as well. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure that you grow your business using Twitter.

Twitter Follow Increase1. Complete Your Profile

Your profile should be filled completely giving all the important information related to your company, including a link to your website. It will be the first impression with users and it has to be a solid one. Your Twitter presence should have the same look as other online means you use. It will build a trust about your brand. Make sure you use images and choose an account name that’s consistent with the online presence of your brand.

2. Tweet Regularly    

Making a few tweets here and there will not help you gain followers. Your interaction with your customers has to be constant and should provide useful information to them. Good quality tweets have their advantages because your current followers will retweet them or respond to your original tweet. It will ensure that your profile gets the attention amongst your followers and you can keep building on your following.

3. Keep Track Of Customers Who Tweet Help Or Support

Customer support is of great importance; no two ways about it. If you spot a customer looking for support because of some problem with your product then it’s an opportunity for you to connect with him. You will get an idea of how your products are performing and are used by your customers. Hence it’s a good idea to have a Twitter list of your customers so that you can monitor their tweets regularly.

4. Hashtag (#)

Keywords can be highlighted in your tweets with hashtags. They can be created smartly so that when anyone is searching for them they are easily accessible. Trending hashtags have their importance because you will be a part of conversations that are already happening. When a hashtag is created, it gets converted into a link that will lead you to all the other conversations that are taking place.

5. Link To Mobile Friendly Site

A large number of users are on Twitter via mobile devices, which is why if you are linking to a site it makes sense for it to be mobile friendly. You have to understand that the attention span of users is minimal and if your link takes them to a desktop version of a site that loads slowly, they will quickly lose interest. Gaining expertise over social media platforms requires certain degree of time investment. And you understand that in business parlance time is money. Hence before you go out there, you are better off understanding Twitter as a medium completely before moving onto other social media platforms.

6. Enable Embedded Tweets On Business Websites

Integrating embedded tweets on your business websites is considered to be a good strategy because your customers can comment on it and retweet it as well. As a result it will reach out to more potential users. This is a great avenue as your business is promoted by your existing customers. Moreover when your potential customers start interacting with you on Twitter, you will build your online reputation. As a result you will manage to boost traffic towards your business website too.

7. Follow your Customers

It’s a good idea to follow customers who have Twitter accounts. If they use email addresses for their Twitter account, you can get the information from your address book. You can engage with them and retweet their tweets, which will ensure that there is a dialogue between you and your customers. You can also have a link on your website that encourages your customers and potential customers to follow you on Twitter. If your website contains your Twitter feed, your users will know what you are tweeting about.

8. Twitter for Researching Trends

It’s a great tool for market research because you can understand what your rivals are talking about their products and promoting them. You will also get a good idea about what experts in the industry are saying so that you are on top of the trends. Twitter can also be used to get sales leads, keep tabs on the latest trends and also make sure you are offering tailor made content to your customers. Your business will thus be in keeping with latest Twitter trends and it will work wonders for your company’s online popularity.

This is a quick guide to know how you can use Twitter to your advantage and grow your business. It’s a crucial marketing tool in today’s times and can be a lot of fun to work with. As your followers grow, your audience multiplies and you gain expertise in Twitter skills.

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