Acceptable in the 90s: The Top 5 PlayStation Games Of The Decade


The 1990s was a momentous decade for gaming. Consoles came and went, but some, most notably the PlayStation, saw their popularity endure to this day. Meanwhile, the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo 64 saw their popularity flag, eventually becoming irrelevant as CDs replaced cartridges. As for the games themselves, 3D became all the rage, making gameplay far more immersive.

Here, we profile the five best games of the 90s. Enjoy!

1. Metal Gear Solid, 1998

Metal Gear SolidOne of the iconic games of the decade, Metal Gear Solid was a benchmark for many action-adventure titles. Following a soldier who tried to neutralise a terrorist threat from a renegade Special Forces unit, the story set the scene for what would be one of the all-time great gaming franchises. Its graphics alone made it stand out from the crowd.

2. Final Fantasy VII, 1997

Final Fantasy VIIAlthough six prequels came before it, the seventh game in the fantasy series is one of the finest examples of platform gaming you’ll ever play. Outdoing all that came before it, the game combined amazing graphics with a compelling storyline where the main protagonist, Cloud Strife, sees his responsibilities grow from fighting a corporation to getting involved in a wider conflict.

3. The Need for Speed, 1994

The Need for SpeedOne of the quintessential driving games of the 90s, The Need for Speed changed the way we all think about how driving titles should be. Combining racing circuits with thrilling police chases, it was truly ahead of its time. A piece about great car games is available on the autoweb site if you’re interested in what else made the cut.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 1992

Sonic the Hedgehog 2The sequel to the blockbusting game following the speedy blue critter and his sidekick Tails, Sonic 2 was far better visually. Although the basic aim of the game was the same – to try and defeat the evil Dr Robotnik while capturing as many gold coins as possible, it was no less thrilling to play, especially at a time when graphics were still a little blocky.

5. Donkey Kong Country, 1994

Donkey Kong CountryA Nintendo staple, the barrel-smashing gorilla’s adventures captured the hearts of many young fans for a good few years. This game was the best of the entire series, seeing Kong do his level best to finish the game without succumbing to death. However, its appeal was strictly among kids rather than nostalgic adults due to its childlike nature.

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