Best Lenses For Outdoor Wildlife Shots

Outdoor Wildlife Shotsimage source

One day, you decide to head down the highway to snap pictures of wildlife, yet have little clue which lenses or equipment work best, so you bring along some cheap throwaway Walmart camera. Perhaps there are occasions where this approach can work, but on many occasions, those pictures and videos turn out to be incredibly dull and boring to potential viewers.  Not to mention their cheaper quality will probably land you horrendous reviews.

Outdoor Wildlife Shots
image source

You can still save money, time and avoid cheesy fake flower photos and backgrounds of studios by doing your own outdoors photo shoots. Here’s the lenses best suited to handle your rigorous task.

Canon EF Wide-Angle Zoom

Wide open spaces need wide angle lenses to capture running of bulls, gazelles or your best friend’s whiny ass as he’s being chased by Farmer John.  EOS owners salivate over the EF17-40mm f/4L USM, especially since it contains 9 well grouped image elements, totaling 12 options.  With its circular aperture meticulously organized by an electromagnetic diaphragm, outdoor photography has never been more powerfully opportune for skilled camerapersons.  For eight and a half Benjamin’s, you can own this excellent EOS attachment and affordably brave the wilderness in style without spending your rent money for features amassing actual necessity.

Sony SEL55210 Telephoto

Image stabilization while playing Tarzan to capture that flying monkey shot holds higher vitality than your personal safety.  To obtain the most professional level of image stabilization, you need higher quality lenses by Sony.  The SEL55210 makes your hardest shots seem all too easy; packing Sony’s SteadyShot technology makes easy that much easier.  For roughly $350, photographing wildlife is finally affordable and accurate.  Added features like extra-low dispersion elements keep aberrations or excessive chromatic blur minimal, while an easy to maintain lens means you’ll spend less time wiping, and more time snapping.

Nikon Nikkor AF-S Zoom

Thousands of Nikon camera reviews don’t lie; this Japanese company doesn’t play when creating spectacular camera equipment for outdoorsman like yourself with photographic genes running rampant. This particular lens line has the longest reach of all Nikkor products, and for those shooting dangerous wild beasts from afar, having expansiveness in your camera lens is important.  At 300mm, you can get within 1.5 feet of your visual prey and snap pictures otherwise impossible when using archaic lenses. For the aggressive outside photo nut, dropping 4 figures for this lens is worthy; if this type of investment isn’t feasible, other lesser Nikkor lenses could probably do the job as well, sans the ridiculously close zoom capabilities.

In Closing: We Want More

Expecting more from your digital camera lenses isn’t something photographers one day woke up and decided: it has been, and always will be, demanded.  Whether proactive in outdoors photography or just starting out, pushing all your chips across for excellent high-powered lenses is commonplace in camera lore, and you’d better pony up or go home in this game.

Nikon, Sony and Canon lead the way in camera equipment, although several other major brands are making headway with their innovations.  Always read digital camera reviews written professionally before shopping amiss.

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