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Desktop, Laptop or Tablet PC?

Desktop, Laptop or Tablet PC

Desktop, Laptop or Tablet PCAs shoppers, we are creatures of habit. When we run out of food, we replace it with the same food. When we wear our shoes to the ground, we replace them with a pair of similar shoes. But should we be so presumptuous when it comes to replacing that all-encompassing desktop PC, or should we take that leap of faith to a laptop, netbook or even a tablet PC?

If your beloved PC has finally given up, and you’re struggling to decide which gadget to put in its place, open your mind to new ideas – you are a tech lover after all! Everyone has their favourite brands, and likes being comfortable with their technology; but resist the urge to be a Luddite – take the leap of faith and join the scores of people experiencing the benefits of adopting technology for on-the-move.

We’re here to help you choose between your three options; replace the desktop PC, lap-up a laptop or tackle the tablet…


If you want to stick to what you know best, but love getting to grips with new technology, keeping the desktop could be for you. It is still common knowledge that desktops are less expensive that laptops and tablets – and feature more power and features for the cost too. Plus, broken parts are easily replaced, it doesn’t have a battery to wear down and its lack of portability means it is harder to steal too! A PC is ideal if you work from home; you can pull yourself up to your computer workstation, such as the value range from Viking, and enjoy working from your wide screen monitor with large amounts of memory to play with.


Swapping your desk-laden PC to a lightweight on-the-go laptop an immense feeling – the freedom to search, browse, socialise and play wherever you wish!

Obviously, you won’t get the power or value-for-money that can be achieved by a PC, and you’re less likely to source spare parts at a great price either.  It is also more prone to being stood on, tripped over, dropped and lost if you’re not careful.

If you want to walk before you can run, then a laptop is a great set-up from a desktop PC. Still not convinced? Check out these 5 questions you should ask yourself before buying a laptop.


A tablet is the latest must-have plaything that is engaging with users both young and old.

Like the laptop, tablets are as portable as they come and feature the touchscreen of a smartphone – yet its size improves its interactivity ten-fold.

Tablets are a perfect fit for your handbag, shoulder bag or rucksack, and are ideal for information enthusiasts who insist on knowing the answers straight away. However, when comparing laptops to tablets, it is obvious that the smaller device does not have the power – not the hardware and accessories readily available.

But even if you’re not a fan of touchscreens, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Many tablets can be paired with wireless keyboards so a full non-touch keyboard is at your disposal. But then if you were keen for a keyboard – should you just get a laptop?

Advantages are that they are lightweight and fun, but they are also fragile so not great for heavy-handed users! Make sure you keep them well hidden too, as they can be seen as an easy target for thieves.

So which piece of tech will you opt for? The desktop which ticks all power, cost-efficiency and a large screen boxes, a portable, playful and ultra-handy tablet or a meet-in-the-middle laptop combining functionality and portability? The final decision is up to you.

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