Don’t Fall Prey To Counterfeiting: Buy Smart

Original HP Cartridge

Hewlett Packard is a multinational company which deals in almost everything possible related to computers. It is the world’s leading personal computer (PC) manufacturer. They probably have the most diverse range of printers and other copying and imaging devices. Ironically, the company was founded in a one car garage.

Alternatives to Original Equipment Manufacturers Toner

Along with printers, they of course, manufacture and supply toner cartridges too. But why use HP original when there are so many cheaper options out there? You can use re-manufactured ink cartridges which are 30% cheaper, you can refill the toner yourself with a toner refill kit which includes instructions and all tools necessary, you can get it refilled from third party sources which offers these services or you can buy environmentally conscious soy ink.

Original HP toner versus Non HP toner

Original HP Cartridge

What does HP have to say about this? They say that even though the other options might look cheaper, they usually are not. They claim that non HP toner won’t work properly 40% of the time, while HP toner cartridges will work every time, without fail. HP says that non HP toner may potentially cost 10% more due to low quality prints which result in reprinting, while HP original will save on your time and money because their quality is guaranteed. Basically, non HP toner creates hidden costs like replacement cartridges and wasted paper which drive up the total cost of printing, which is ultimately pointless.

The existence of counterfeit HP toner

A lot of companies have started re-manufacturing toner cartridges. They are not illegal. But, there have been reported incidents in which people have fallen prey to counterfeit HP toner cartridges. Heavy discounts urged these people to go ahead and purchase these products, but when they tried using them, it failed miserably and a few unlucky ones had their printers break down. So, how do you avoid these counterfeits? HP has several ways by which you can recognize whether or not the cartridges you bought are original or not.

How to recognize counterfeits?

The first thing to do is, of course, buy from a genuine supplier. You don’t have to check their supplier’s certificate but a seedy guy in an alley selling you toner at half the price is most likely not an authorized supplier. When you do go ahead and hold it in your hand, check for the general condition of the packaging. It should be like new. Damaged, previously opened packaging and scratches and marks on the cartridge itself should be avoided. Check for the security seal. It should perform the way it’s supposed to. The best and quickest way is to pull out your smartphone, and scan the QR code. HP should send you an instant verification. You can also check the other codes and seals online to make sure your cartridges are genuine.

Don’t be scared and don’t be fooled while you are buying your cartridges. If you doubt the product that you are holding in your hand, question it and buy only if you get the right answers.

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