How to Develop a Creative Marketing Concept


Creative marketing is indeed a great way to voice out your brand and give you benefits in the long run. In starting your first creative marketing campaign, you will need a blueprint or plan that you can use to set up a clear process and meet excellent results. One of which is creating concepts that have the power to gain your target market’s attention. Formulating concepts for a creative marketing campaign isn’t easy, so here’s a handful of tips and guides you can use.

How to Come Up With a Creative Marketing Concept

Like any other campaign, creative marketing also needs a concrete and exact plan. Consider the following steps.

Research about your target market

Research is a vital part of developing your creative marketing concept. You might want to know the current situation, your target audience, and the marketing channels you can use. This is also the part where you need to clearly define your goal and objectives so that you know exactly where your campaigns are headed. By doing research, we can say that your concept is based on facts and real situations.

Identify the problem

Now that you have the data about your target market, you need to create your problem statement. The problem statement should include a few questions such as the following:

  • What are the specific communication challenges that we want to address?
  • Why do we need this campaign?
  • Who is encountering the problem?
  • What are we expecting from our target audience after they saw our campaign?

These questions will be your guided points and should be answered upon formulating the actual concept.

Brainstorm the creative concept

Gather all your members from different backgrounds and remind them of the objectives and expected outcomes before brainstorming. Listen to every idea that will pop up during the brainstorming session and try to list every detail as much as you can. However, make sure that all the ideas you will consider are in line with your objectives, expected outcomes, and the brief if you ever have one. After having a group brainstorming session, you can have an individual idea generation to think of the feasibility of every idea.

Select ideas

You might want to select one to three best concepts from the brainstorming session. You might need to be very careful in selecting ideas and consider a few aspects such as:

  • Is the idea appropriate and relevant to your brand?
  • Does it fit the objectives you presented beforehand?
  • Is it fresh, unique, and appealing?
  • How can this concept work throughout the whole process of the campaign?

This part is the toughest of all because it is quite hard to filter bright ideas. However, you can always seek the guidance of creative marketers to help you choose the right one.

Determine its feasibility

Sometimes, having a creative concept is just too good to be true. You might not want to forget to check if the ideas are possible and attainable based on your budget and timeline. Here, you will consider lots of things such as your marketing channels, which are dependent on your budget. Likewise, see if you can implement it perfectly on your set timeline.

Key Takeaway

Developing your creative marketing concept is essential because it will define your brand’s goal and reputation. Note that if your brand needs to change or reach a new set of audiences, you need to adjust and use a different approach to reach them. There is no one that can help you connect efficiently to your prospective customers, but a well-developed creative marketing concept.

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