How to Sell Your Mac For Cash?


If you have an old MAC lying around, selling it for cash will be a great idea. While it may seem easy to put it up for sale, finding a credible buyer can be a bit difficult. This is because there are too many companies that claim to buy old Apple devices and one may find it difficult to identify the reliable ones.

If you are looking to sell your Mac for cash, you need to know if your device meets the requirements before you search for a buyer. If you succeed in finding a credible buyer, you will find that there are so many benefits attached to working with them. Some of them include negotiating the right amount for your MAC and using it to facilitate the purchase of a new one.

In this article, we will outline some key steps to help you with the sale of your Mac. You will also find some reasons why you may not be able to sell your device. Please read on as we explain more.

Steps Involved in Selling Your Mac

Here are some procedures involved:

Choose Your Configuration

Visit the company’s website to choose the device you intend to sell. After that, you will be required to select the hard drive, processor, and RAM of the device. Other options allow you to describe the performance of the device and other vital details.

A review of the information provided in this section is done manually and this means that it may take some time before the review is completed. After completion of this stage, click the Next button to proceed.

Ship Your Device

After providing the necessary information about your MAC and describing the performance, the next stage is to ship your Mac to the company. First, you have to fill in your contact details to enable the company to contact you easily. You also need to fill in the serial number of the device for easy identification.

Once these steps are completed, a formal letter will be forwarded to you stating the offer of the company for your device. If you agree to the company’s offer for your MAC, you will be required to ship it to their designated location. Upon receipt of the device, they will conduct a proper inspection to confirm that the information provided about it is correct.

They will also assess the condition of your MAC to confirm that it matches the value placed on it. If they identify a problem during their assessment, you will be contacted.


Most people get very anxious immediately they send their device. They believe that payment should happen immediately after. Several reasons account for why this may not be possible. For instance, people who stay far from the location are likely to have their device delivered to the company after some days.

Additionally, an inspection of the device takes three (3) business days and all these may account for the reason why a payment may not be prompt. If you prefer to receive payment via PayPal, you will receive your funds immediately the buyer sends them. If you need a guide on how to open a PayPal account, you can check out this article.

Reasons Why Your Mac Not Be Accepted for Purchase

Selling your MAC is never as easy as it seems and sometimes you may not succeed especially if the buyer discovers some irregularities. We have outlined some of the reasons why your device may not scale through the buyer’s assessment. They include the following:

Irregular Details

If the details provided are incorrect, the buyer is likely to withdraw from the transaction. Most times, you will be mailed to clarify if it was a mistake or the buyer can decide to return your device. To avoid situations like this, take time to fill in the details correctly and crosscheck them before submission.

Stolen Device

If the MAC is stolen, no buyer will buy it. Most buyers go further to report such cases to the authorities for investigation and arrest of the people involved. If all the documents certifying the purchase of your MAC are not complete, finding a buyer may not be possible.

Faulty Device

If your MAC is faulty, most buyers withdraw from the transaction especially if it is a major problem that may require a lot to fix. However, if the faults are fixable, the buyer may consider the purchase device. If you need help with learning about common problems that may affect your MAC, you can check here:


The knowledge of how to sell your MAC makes the process easy and profitable for you. We have discussed some procedures to guide you through the process of selling your device. You can go ahead and check them out.

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