Pinterest Analytics Seeks to Help Brands Measure Their Reach

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest AnalyticsIn 2012, the fastest growing social media outlet by far was Pinterest.  The little social media network that could experienced a growth of 4000% in comparison to Facebook’s 4% and Tumblr’s 186%.  As Pinterest grew exponentially, brands flocked to the network to reach consumers with their content directly.  In reaction, many brands were wondering how their pins have done, and whether or not their followers and repins have translated into any clicks on their website.

Because businesses don’t just play on Pinterest for fun, marketing departments need to be able to tie their efforts back to data to show how their visual communications have or have not reached consumers. This is great news for marketing and sales teams whose efforts are informed by the behavior of consumers.  Because consumer behavior can be difficult to track without analytics to show businesses, this information can prove extremely valuable to the business.

How Pinterest Seeks to Inform Businesses

The introduction of Pinterest analytics has come on the heels of a new platform design.  Businesses are encouraged to adopt the new social media look to gain access to Pinterest’s analytics. Upon upgrade, businesses are treated to graphs showing user engagement (repins, pinners) and reach (impressions included).  Using this information, a business is able to see whether their efforts are producing results.  Are people engaging with your content or are they more enamored with content you may have repinned from others? Do consumers click on your pins and see your website?

Pinterest is hoping to eventually roll out additional information sources to add to the current analytics. Coupled with their website tools and widgets, these tools are focused on courting businesses.  As one of the newer social media networks, business adoption of Pinterest has been slow but early adopters are finding it easier than ever to keep track of their efforts with these new analytics tools.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Pinterest Analytics

Once your business has the information they need to analyze your Pinterest efforts, businesses can use these figures in the following ways:

  • Improve the quality of your visual elements
  • Improve the quality of your blog posts
  • Create content that users find more valuable
  • Marketing research into what services/ goods users prefer
  • Establish a stronger social media presence
  • Feedback into unpopular elements of your website
  • Offer users the deals they want

They say a little information can go a long way.  Using Pinterest analytics, your business is better able to respond to consumers and more aware of which techniques are working on behalf of your business.  If your business hasn’t upgraded yet, it’s time to jump on board.

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