Data Recovery – The Best Solution For An Ultimate Challenge

In past few years, when a system is crashed or due to some viruses the data loss situation used to occur and may not recoverable so despite remaining helpless user does not have anything to do. but now the time...


SendPulse A/B Testing Review

SendPulse is a functional, convenient and responsive platform for sending emails, SMS, web-push notifications, and SMTP. Its main advantage is the ability to use Email and SMS at the same time, as well as push notifications, transactional SMTP and complex...


What Makes Linux a Developer-Friendly Platform?

Linux is arguably the most frequently used open-source operating system that is currently available. It is a piece of software which manages all other software programs which run on the computer, acting as a form of communication between the software...

Web & Database Servers Secure

4 Tips & Tricks To Keep Web & Database Servers Secure

In today’s increasingly tech-obsessed society, web and database server security is more important than ever. When it comes to the global business environment, it is very difficult to be a success if you don’t have a sophisticated company website. Web...


How to Fix AppCrash Errors in Windows

An AppCrash error is pretty self-explanatory, it basically occurs when a program or application has crashed on your system. AppCrash is the official term used by Microsoft Windows to indentify an application crash. When an individual encounters one of these...


How to Recover your Lost Data on Computer?

Have you lost your favourite picture, an important document, or a memorable video? Don’t worry! Since today I am sharing a method to get that back. Yes, you can actually recover all of your lost data including videos, pictures, documents...

Blue Screen Of Death

How To Fix BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) Error?

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), also called the Stop Error, is a critical error or a system crash, which happens when the operating software can no longer function safely. Most of the time, BSOD is caused due to corrupted Windows...

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