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Opera Browser
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Opera Browser – Something New to Say

Image Credit New Browser Few days back, Opera announced its new browser and now the new version of the browser with speed dial and off road mode has revised. Speed Dial quick tabs can be used same like Google Chrome...

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The Cheapest Way To Get A New iPad

The Apple iPad is the ultimate tablet computer, letting you do pretty much anything that you can do on a regular laptop, but being smaller and more portable. They do come at a price though, and that price isn't cheap....

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Does Technology Mix With Diamonds?

Diamonds have been used as icons of elegance, beauty and status for hundreds, and even thousands of years. Their primary use as ornaments has only slightly changed over the last decades, when many industries started to see the enormous potential...

iOS 7
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From iOS 6 to the iOS 7

Apple has become an amazing company with an excellent reputation, with phones and technology in every destination. It’s hard to believe that Microsoft was once looking down on Apple laughing at their struggles, but what a difference a decade makes....

Investing In Technology
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Investing In Technology For Your Business

The decision whether or not to invest in technology within your organisation is a difficult one. There are many pitfalls to overcome to make the right decision that will enhance and improve your business productivity in a positive way without...

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