10 Best Spy Software For Mobile Phones

Spy Software for Mobile Phones

Spy Software for Mobile PhonesMobile phones are the best way of communication in history so it’s no wonder a lot of people are using mobile phone spying software when they feel they need to monitor they beloved. If you are being cheated by your partner, or feel that your child is hiding something from you and you’re afraid for its safety they most likely keep their secrets in their phone. Here is the list of the best mobile phone spying software you can find. By installing one of these you will have full access to desired mobile phone and even if the owner deletes all of the data, it will still be available to you via web server.

1. mSpy

mSpy is considered as one of the best mobile phone spying software that enables you to catch every activity that happens on the phone you monitor. This is a perfect app for concerned parents. If you feel you need to know about where and with whom your child is spending time this is a perfect way to do it. The app is also very helpful if you are a business owner and afraid that your employees will reveal your company secrets.

2. Flexispy

This app brings you detailed logging capabilities and a lot of advanced features. With Flexispy you can monitor every message from the desired phone and even read them. You also get a detailed call report and many more advanced options that you’ll find very useful. It’s compatible with Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Symbian.

3. eBlaster Mobile

This app offers great logging capabilities to help you monitor text messages, calls and emails. All calls are recorded in details, you can read all messages, monitor emails and even see all pictures and videos stored on the phone. You also get a GPS tracking tool. The app is compatible with Android and Blackberry.

4. HelloSpy

This is a great software that enables you to track outgoing and incoming calls as well as SMS communications, locate the phone via GPS, access the contact lists, browsing history and more. It runs in stealth mode so the user doesn’t know he’s being monitored. It’s compatible with all popular phone platforms.

5. SpyEra

The app lets you monitor calls, text messages and contact list of the desired phone. It lacks some advanced features that are common with similar applications but it offers you features like sending you all logs in emails if you don’t have the time to check it regularly. The app is compatible with Android, iPhone, Symbian and Blackberry.

6. StealthGenie

This app has a very detailed logs about phone activity including calls, texts, calendar events, all of the multimedia stored on the phone and more. It also has a GPS tracking software and a remote phone wipe and backup features. It’s compatible with all popular phone platforms.

7. MobiStealth

MobiStealth will give you access to all calls, messages, photos, videos and emails from a desired phone. It also has advanced options like GPS location or change SIM notifications. The app is compatible with Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Symbian.

8. My Mobile Watchdog

This is one of the highly recommended spying apps especially for parents. On top of detailed logs for phone use the app allows you to block certain web sites, app downloads or even contacting certain people. The app is compatible with Android and Blackberry.

9. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy offers a wide range of logging options, it has GPS tracking and even shows you data that has been deleted from the phone. This is a non-detectable app that lets you monitor up to three phones at a time. It’s compatible with all popular phone platforms.

10. PhoneSheriff

For many users this is the best and most reliable mobile phone spying software. It brings you detailed data on every aspect of phone use, and it lets you block certain web sites, applications or specific contacts. There’s also a GPS tracking tool. This app is compatible with all popular phone platforms.

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