5 Best Windows Phones To Buy in 2014


As the mobile market expands with different operating system in smartphones, the demand for each grows as well, certainly after Android and iOS one which is catching the eye of users is the Windows operating system mobile phones. Windows is the latest technique which is used in mobiles, developed by Microsoft and helps in catering to all needs like browsing, mailing, chatting, multiplayer games, music, Microsoft office and much more.
With due demand there are many windows products which are on the top list, they are being listed below according to their features and popularity.

1. Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520Nokia lumia 1520 is a powerful smartphone powered by Windows v8 operating system providing the users with quality features and is offered at a price of Rs 35,000. It is summoned with many quality features like

a.  It is the first windows phone with a full HD screen, with 1080x1920px resolution and a 6 inch IPS LCD screen
b. It is powered by quad core snapdragon 800 CPU processor, which is fastest in the windows phone
c. It is even the first nokia mobile phone which accepts a nano SIM card
d. It features a 20mp primary camera and a 1.2mp front camera, has a great quality camera and features HD images and it is the first phone which captures RAW format
e. It has an internal memory of 32GB internal memory which can be expandable up to 64GB and 2GB of RAM

2. Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720Nokia Lumia 720 is one of the best models lumia produced with many unique features; it runs on windows version 8.

a. It is the only mid-range windows phone which have a pure view camera, having 6.70mp primary camera and a 1.30mp secondary camera
b.It has an internal memory of 8GB which can be expanded up to 64GB and have 512GB RAM
c. Nokia Lumia 720 have a 4.30 inch IPS LCD screen and have a 480x800px display
d. It is powered by dual core 100 MHz processor
e. It is the thinnest windows phone at a price of Rs 16,000

3. Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia Lumia 1320Nokia Lumia 1320 is a class phablet created for those who doesn’t want to spend much on a high end gadget, its comes with an affordable price tag with many good features like

a. It is the most high end phablet with 6 inch screen with IPS LCD display of 720x1280px resolution
b. It runs on windows version 8 and is powered by dual core 1700 MHz processor
c. It is a phablet having 5mp primary camera and a 0.3mp front camera
d. it is supported by 3G, WiFi and makes video calling compatible and even have wireless charging option
e. It has a great battery life of 3400 mAh and have ample storage options with an affordable price of Rs 15,000

4. Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia Lumia 625Nokia Lumia 625 is among the biggest smartphones especially in the lumia series and offers a large view of videos, pictures, movies. This model comes at a price of Rs 13,500 and have many good features like

a. It allows browsing faster as it is supported by 4G with a support of 3G and WiFi
b. It features a 4.7 inch IPS LCD display screen with 40x800px resolution
c. It has a 5mp primary camera and a 0.3mp front camera and is the thinnest nokia phone
d. This model runs on windows version 8 operating system and is powered by dual core 1200 MHz processor
e.  This model comes with 8GB of internal memory and can be extended up to 64GB with 512MB RAM

5. Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020Nokia lumia 1020 is the most high features windows phone and is best known for its camera, this model supports a 41mp primary camera and a 1.2mp secondary camera. This is offered at a price of Rs 42,000 and have great features like

a. It runs on windows version 8 and is powered by dual core 1500 MHz processor
b. It spots a 4.5 inch AMOLED screen and have a 768x1280px display
c. It has a 32GB internal memory with 2GB RAM
d. It is supported by 3G, WiFi, DLNA and NFC
e. It is the most high end windows phone with an amazing display and a with large storage.

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