6 Proven Tips to Boost Magento Store Sales

Boost Magento Store

In this digital age, more than 24 million business owners have an e-store. And you might be one of them.

So, how does it feel?

You must be feeling good about it because it gives you a competitive advantage. But then you might also be a bit concerned. After every order, you might be coming back to the puzzle of what could be the next step to grow this store further.

If we look at the stats, there are 1.92 billion global digital buyers expected in 2019 alone.

When you have such a big opportunity available, all you need is to shape your Magento e-store. You have to acquire customers in such a way that they stay with your business throughout.

To help you with that, here we have brought to you

6 Techniques to Boost Magento Store Sales

1. Page Load

The most important factor for every web store. As per the study, 46% of website visitors say that waiting for the page to load is what they dislike the most. Additionally,79% of web shoppers won’t return to your website if your site’s performance is not up to the mark.

So, check if your website is performing well in terms of speed. And if it is not, try the below methods for your Magento store.

For Magento 1 users:

  • Keep the latest version
  • Check Cache management
  • Enable flat catalog
  • Merge CSS and JavaScript files
  • Clean Magento Logs and Database
  • Image Optimization
  • Have fewer modules and extensions
  • Install a CDN
  • Choose a Magento Specialized Hosting Provider
  • SQL Configuration

For Magento 2 users:

  • Check 3rd-party extensions
  • Make sure Full-Page Cache is on
  • Make sure Production Mode is on
  • Never use JS bundling
  • Enable CSS/JS minification
  • Use Built-in Cache, Skip Varnish

2. Aim to Cross Sell and Up Sell

Selling just a single product will not give you the desired revenue. For that kind of results, cross-sell and up-sell help. A lot. The best way to start it is with your existing customers. And since you already have an established relationship with them, it comes with better opportunities in terms of response rate.

Try these tips out to make this strategy work:

  • Start with loyal customers: Because they know you, your business, and trust you. They will definitely say yes to your new plan.
  • Offer a Free Trial: When you are introducing something new to your customers, it’s not right to expect that they will buy it on the spot. So, offer them a free trial of 15-30 days. Then further, following up with them will surely convert into sales.
  • Offer Incentives: If you have products where you cannot offer a free trial, try offering incentives or send them sample products to try. Maybe after some months of using them, they would consider buying it if they really like it.

3. Offer Personalized Products

Personalization is powerful. Today, when almost everything is available online, offering products that customers can design on their own, makes a huge impact.

How Personalized Products Boost Growth?

study suggests that 36% of customers would consider buying products that they can design. It is a concept where you integrate the product designer tool with your e-store. When a customer lands on the website, they can design the selected products using different elements. It works best with products that have printable surfaces.

This business model helps you lower the costs, as you will not need to print hundreds of products together. You can have in-house printing merchants that print accordingly. Overall, it makes the customer’s experience interactive. Since customers design the products, there are higher chances of sales. Offering such unique experience will only grow your business.

4. Product Showcase

It is your money-making page. You should give the utmost attention. To make your customers’ buying decision easy, you need to understand what they actually want. For example, if I am looking to buy a winter jacket, rather than the product details, I will pay more attention to its fabric, how warm it is, etc. And if I am given a closer look of that jacket, or even if there are more specific filters, it helps me make the decision quickly. Otherwise what happens is that I will probably add it to the wish list, visit the nearest store and buy it from there because I can see the specifications in detail. Hence, providing precise product specifications, filters, graphics, videos will only help and give more transparency.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to Call-to-actions. Needless to say, that putting those big cliché buttons anywhere will not help. Instead, putting them at the right place will earn you maximum clicks.

5. Pay Attention to Check Out Process

With every 100 customers browsing your store, nearly 69 of them would not purchase anything at all. The reason? Check-out process. If it is not up to the mark, it might kill your e-Commerce flow. You have everything in place, the user lands on the page, loved the product, added it to the cart and then went to place an order. If a single thing is not right, they will leave.

Here are some handy tips to help you lessen your cart abandonments:

  • Secure it: Your webstore should not misuse your customer’s data. Make sure you have https installed.
  • Reduce the Fields: Your checkout forms should be as precise as possible. Use the fields which can give you maximum information.
  • Try guest checkout: Rather than forcing people to make their profile, offer this quick check out process.

6. Invest in Marketing

Above all, if you don’t market it well, it won’t yield the results. While you start marketing, make sure that you sell the benefit, not the product. Educate users about how their life will be better if they use your product. That’s the ultimate key to good marketing. And below are some of the ways you can sell your idea:

  • Send email newsletters.
  • Start writing blogs. Plan pre/post-sale content to bring more clarity among users.
  • Use graphics as much as you can. Creative images, videos make a better impact.
  • Pay attention to SEO factors to make sure you keep getting organic visitors to your website.

Wrapping up

When it comes to e-Commerce it’s all rocket science. The sales lie in the details and customers. If you put your customers first, it will all make sense!

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