Computer Monitoring Software

A Guide To Computer Monitoring Software in 2013

There are a whole range of reasons you might want to use computer monitoring software. You may have wayward teenage children that are spending too much time on Facebook and not enough time doing homework. Or you have may have...


Tips to Tweak Registry to Speed up Your Windows PC!

Registry of a computer acts just like a warehouse. This warehouse gathers numerous files and applications of the system. It includes files for software and hardware configurations—be it device drivers or kernel settings or any setting that you can think...


5 Best Windows 8 Spyware Removal Tools

Accessing the internet is the epitome of using modern technology. But sometimes the same modern technology can put a real dent on your time and your life. This is when it is misused or through some sort of malpractice (read...


7 Best Windows 8 Apps Available Today

Among many interesting features of Windows 8, Windows Store is the most important one as it provides a number of easily installable apps including multimedia, games, productivity, tools etc. that can help you in enhancing the performance of your PC....

QR code for iGoogle

iGoogle: Get QR-Code Generator On Your Google Homepage

iGoogle is a personalized adaptation of the Google search engine. It enables you to include widgets, tools, catalog the subscribed RSS feeds and everything else. Now, Google Gadgets is an ensemble of widgets that can be added to the homepage...

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