Why Buy More Cables Then Needed

HDMI High Speed Cable

HDMI High Speed CableThere is nothing worst then buying more then you need to get a job done. The frustration, the time spent and the money invested all seems to have gone to waste and for what extra pieces of unneeded equipment. The same thing could be said for computer cables and other attachments. Most cables perform only one function and computers/electronic devices require more than one to do their daily functions. What if it were possible to buy one cable that could perform all the functions needed by your electronic devices? This would save you both time and money looking for more cables.

The Only Cable You Will Need

With the 28AWG HDMI High Speed Cable with Ethernet you can connect all your favorite electronic equipment together using a single cord. Imagine having your high definition television synced to your laptop. This means you can upstream and downstream data both audio/visual without needing to buy another cord. You will be able to enjoy home made videos created by your smart phone or high definition camera. So now your family and friends can enjoy your photographs in high resolution that exceeds 1440p. The scenes shown on your TV will be of the same clarity and high resolution of those seen at the movie theatres.

Aside from its high resolution capabilities this cable allows you to connect to your satellite television or cable box. This means all of your regular viewing programs will be shown in higher resolution! The cable makes use of a wider range of colors for a more realistic viewing experience. Now when you have friends and family over for the big game, they can watch it in style. This cable also works perfectly with a 3D projector meaning all your favorite movies and programs can be enlarged and projected on a bigger screen. This will give you that authentic movie theatre feel.

Built To Last

This cable supports all 3D technology with full 1440 HD resolution. The gold plated inserts make this cable durable and corrosive resistant. This means your HDMI cable will be able to withstand any harsh conditions it might have to endure and still offer the best signal transfer rate available. The PVC jack is big which provides even more protection against harsh temperatures and constant use/re-use. This cable supports top quality audio functions as well, delivering you true high definition Dolby 7.1. This cable also resist interference from other electronic devices such as the microwave so you can enjoy picture perfect clarity at all times.

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