Mobile Instant Messaging

Mobile Instant Messaging vs Email!

Back when Instant Messaging was new, it was a viral tool used mostly for personal and social messaging. Now it has become more commonplace, though, and entered even the corporate world without stigma. It now has some people wondering if...

Translation Software

How Translation Software Can Change Your Business!

We’ve all been in that position where we are in a restaurant abroad and we don’t speak a word of the native tongue. Unfortunately, the waiter doesn’t speak English either which makes ordering a meal very tricky indeed. Through a...

3D Modelling Common Mistakes

3D Modelling Common Mistakes That Beginner Should Avoid

3D modelling is all about representing an object, which could be a living thing or just a hypothetical environment in three dimensional values. 3D software, the mentor of this imaginary world allows modellers to create tangible and visible entities which...


Using Hadoop For Big Data Concerns

The volume of data handled by different individuals, firms or corporations varies. Data can be said to be big when it reaches a point where you cannot handle it. Efficiency in data management arises when you are able to receive...


List of 5 Best Web Tools For Designers

A wide range of web-based tools are available in order to help designers in their designing process. These certainly prove to be beneficial in terms of in terms of fulfilling the tasks such as creation of unique fonts, image editing,...


5 Best Online Brochure Designing Tools

A brochure is an indispensable marketing tool for advertisers, manufacturers and businessmen. This printed marketing material is a representation of your company and is thus to be designed thoughtfully. A brochure design professional with the assistance of designing tools is...

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